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Yugoslavian G-4 Super Galeb skin pack

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - Beefdork
Date - 03/30/2016 22:28:57
A pack of four skins of Yugoslavian AF G-4 Super Galeb for the Hawk. It includes 1978 Prototype skin, 1984 Farnborough Airshow skin, 1990 Camouflage skin and 1990 Flying Stars aerobatic team (Letece zvezde) skin.

The Soko G-4 (N-62) Super Galeb two-seat advanced trainer and light attack aircraft first flew in 1978 and was introduced into the Yugoslavian Air Force in 1983/84 as a replacement for the G-2A Galeb. 90 G-4 aircraft were manufactured for the Yugoslavian Air Force and the type remains in service today.

Although primarily a trainer the Super Galeb is well suited to the light ground attack role and armament can include a twin-barrel GSh-23L 23 mm cannon in a ventral gun pod with 200 rounds along with various unguided bombs and rockets on 4 underwing pylons.

In 1990, SOKO G-4 Super Galeb replaced the SOKO IJ-21 Jastreb as aerobatic aircraft for the Yugoslavian aerobatic team named the "Flying stars". These new aircraft were painted in blue/white/red - the colors of Yugoslavian flag, and were equipped with smoke generators under fuselage. They made their public debut on May 20, 1990 at the Air Show held at Batajnica Air Base.

The pack includes:
- 1978 Prototype skin #004
- 1984 Farnborough Airshow skin #005
- 1990 Camouflage skin #627
- 1990 Flying Stars aerobatic team (Letece zvezde) skin #693

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