Bay of Hogs (Mi-8) [Not tested for 2.5...YET]

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DCS: World 1.5
Bay of Hogs (Mi-8) [Not tested for 2.5...YET]

Bay of Hogs (Mi-8) [Not tested for 2.5...YET]

Type - Campaign
Author - SFC Tako
Date - 12.02.2018 12:10
New updated version of "Bay of Hogs" for the Mi-8.
Took an absurd amount of work but it's fully functional now. AND it contains some nice improvements as well!
(poor man's gunship routine just slightly easier now but still realistic...among other things)
If you want ACTION, if you really want to learn how to FLY the Mi-8 - this fo' you!
All you need to do is follow orders and not crash. No homing beacons, no radio frequencies, no other technical stuff.
You just keep your hands on the stick and collective and do as your told. It's pretty much like in real life, you concentrate on FLYING this monster and the crew handle the rest. All this in a pretty hostile environment too :)

Yeah this is a counter-revolution set in the 80s. It's alternative history at it's best! You will be issued one of the coolest uniforms ever, your crew will be sporting really sexy moustaches and the chopper must be the most awesomest looking Mi-8 ever.
PLUS, there's jungle included as well!

WARNING: If you're a "by the book"-kinda guy, like to recite manuals a lot and get headaches when "your" precious rules are broken...turn around and walk away. Just go, man ;)
BUT: If you're new to this chopper or you just don't think you've learned the flying part yet...GO ALL IN! Roll the dice for once in your life, take some chances, be a latin action hero of the 80s! I can promise you this: If you manage to finish this campaign, you WILL have learned the flying part of the Mi-8.
'Cause you won't be bothered by anything else, this is hands-on flying ALL the way. IN THE 80s!!!

--------------------TECHNICAL INFORMATION--------------------
Install DCS on an SSD-drive, it's a MUST!
-------------END OF TECHNICAL INFORMATION--------------

-------------LAST MINUTE UPDATE---------------
Mission #2 changed regarding air support (they're a bit too early, toned them back), first 6 downloaders got the "wrong" version.
-------------END OF UPDATE--------------------
#UPDATED (July 14th 2016) : summer now begins in July in version 1.5.4. So I made some adjustments in the calendar (and changed the year to 1986...yeah, that's in the 80s, man!!!)
#UPDATED (August 17th 2016) : Mission #7 - reported by user "Peet"
Five RPG-men can't take out an obsolete tank anymore (200 yards, perfect butt-shot). Resolution: Tank explodes five seconds after RPG-hitmen spawn (they release a first volley of RPGs and BOOM! - just like in the movies).
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