Six L-39 in formation and you one of them (miz)

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DCS World 2.0
L-39 Albatros

Six L-39 in formation and you one of them (miz)

Uploaded by - [EF] Timka
Date - 03/08/2016 18:01:00
L-39 in Formation.

Just put the file (Timka01formation) into: Users /....../ Saved Games / DCS.openalpha / Missions.
Start DCS.2 go to missions / My missions / Timka01formation / Start...
You're done.

Note: This miz only for DCS.2

Note for the beginners: If you want to fly this formation professionally you should:

1- The trimmer should be assigned to your joystick. You're gonna need it during your flight it's very important.
2- Wnen the mission start you're gonna notice that the formation will go ahead infront if you that so can have
   the time to adjust your speed and trimming and rejoin.
3- Keep your vession on #1 stay behind him *little low* (DON'T STAY BEHIND HIS JET).Also practice your vession
   to stay on #1 & #2 & #3 in the same time.
4- Very important to assigne the Airbrake to your joystick.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes (Maybe) you're going to notice that one or two of the plane will breakout and fly out of the
           formation. THIS IS NOT A BUG, That's mean you were flying dangersouly and you became too close to
           one of them.

The mission will end when the formation breakout, I didn't complete editing the mission unfortunately didn't have
the time. My next miz file will be a complete mission :)

Hope you guys will enjoy flying this mission.

Cheers :)


You can whatch this mission on youtube on this link:
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