Outremer Su-25T [Under Reconstruction]

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DCS: World 2.5
Outremer Su-25T [Under Reconstruction]

Outremer Su-25T [Under Reconstruction]

Type - Campaign
Author - SFC Tako
Date - 13.07.2018 02:37
Ported and fully tested Outremer-campaign taken out of the L-39ZA version, suited for beginners (or old hands curious on HEAVY ordnance). This is adventure and oldschool heroics. It's set in the good old days when everybody smoked and men were men and women made really good food. And it's about pushing a heavy attack aircraft to the very limits as well. All this in a real bush war where you're outgunned, outnumbered and surrounded! OK OK, it's not a REAL war then, but you're gonna feel that way. Even in your sleep...BOOM!!!
DIFFICULTY: Medium (as compared to other module versions, if you're new to DCS you will definitely have some fun challenges)

Yes, this is for the FREE Su-25T. I've never really bothered with it before but I must say I'm VERY impressed by it. It's an old module and "experts" might have a lot of opinions on the flight model, avionics and what not. But you know, I really like it. It's damn well made and the flight characteristics feel pretty real to me, especially for such an old module. Now I'm not a real pilot but if you try the first mission in this campaign, you're bound to understand what I mean :)

For ease of use and the right "vintage" feel, you will only be issued iron bombs and rockets in this campaign (mostly). But trust me, with this bird you can demolish a LOT with just that :)

INSTRUCTIONS: Use winrar to unpack the file. You will then get further instructions inside the respective folders. And they're easy, you'll have this installed in no time.

-------------------------- TECHNICAL MUST READ-------------------------
Do NOT use time acceleration in this campaign, it will make the AI blind. You will just ruin the whole experience and if you think you're smart doing it, well guess what? The AI isn't just the enemy, it's friendlies too. So if you're a very busy pilot that can't spend 30-45 minutes per mission - walk away.
-------------------------- END OF TECHNICAL MUST READ-------------------------

UPDATE (Aug 13th 2016)
Adjusted time in third mission (sun movement offset yet again, making mission totally dark and quite unplayable)
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