Outremer L-39ZA [Under Reconstruction]

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DCS: World 2.5
L-39 Albatros
Outremer L-39ZA [Under Reconstruction]

Outremer L-39ZA [Under Reconstruction]

Type - Campaign
Author - SFC Tako
Date - 13.07.2018 02:37
Completely redesigned Outremer-campaign for the L-39ZA, suited for both beginners and old hands. NOT suited for whimps though. Yeah, 'cause it's all about attitude and PASSION for flying. If you're into studying performance charts and navigation systems and that kinda stuff, just stay away. Please. But if you're completely new to DCS or flightsims in general, this is ONE interesting way of learning. You can also do regular training missions to get confident in your skills and all that...but seriously man, there ain't nothing like real stress. And ACTION!
To summarize: This is adventure and oldschool heroics. It's set in the good old days when everybody smoked and men were men and women made really good food. And it's about pushing a small hard-to-handle trainer to the very limits as well. All this in a real bush war where you're outgunned, outnumbered and surrounded! OK OK, it's not a REAL war then, but you're gonna feel that way. Even in your sleep...BOOM!!!

INSTRUCTIONS: Use winrar to unpack the file. You will then get further instructions inside the respective folders. And they're easy, you'll have this installed in no time.

-------------------------- TECHNICAL MUST READ-------------------------
Do NOT use time acceleration in this campaign, it will make the AI blind. You will just ruin the whole experience and if you think you're smart doing it, well guess what? The AI isn't just the enemy, it's friendlies too. So if you're a very busy pilot that can't spend 30-45 minutes per mission - walk away.

Automatic startup and shutdown:
It works and lazy people like me need it for being able to re-arm, but there's just one thing to remember before you fly off again:
Yeah, it's been left out in the automatic process. No biggie and it will probably get solved soon.
-------------------------- END OF TECHNICAL MUST READ-------------------------

Comments from a semi-pro:
I thought this would be done in one evening, like just changing out the aircraft from an older campaign and such. But no no, there was a LOT to deal with. Took me FOUR days, man! This in part because of the demanding aircraft the L-39ZA really is and also in part because of the new 1.5 engine. I had to redo a whole bunch of events, triggers, logic...I even had to split up the first mission as the L-39ZA can't be repaired for the moment. That WILL change of course but my aim here was to make this campaign playable and more FUN than before. And guess what? Splitting up the first big mission really kicked things off! I'm gonna keep this campaign for future campaign-builds (there's some new cool things added and then there's some old that I've polished the hell out of). So I reckon the new 1.5 engine for DCS is very slick but as things have been turned around quite a bit, I bet none of my old campaigns work. Anyways, I have this for reference and I DO hope this campaign will work in 2.0 as well. For the time being I might just redo one of the old chopper campaigns but that's about it. Don't wanna have to go through everything all over. AGAIN! ;)

Mission #1: The colonel and the boys are NOT taking potshots from the western slopes of the Fallen Madonna, it's the western slopes of the VALLEY.
Mission #4: The german scientists do NOT work for Russa, they work for RUSSIA.
Mission #6: Added air-to-air missiles to the outload (people like to be able to choose).

UPDATE (Aug 13th 2016)
Adjusted time in third mission (sun movement offset yet again, making mission totally dark and quite unplayable)
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