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Mark 82 Bomb platform skin

Mark 82 Bomb platform skin

Type - Skin
Author - EasyEB
Date - 17.02.2016 11:16
This is a skin update of the MK 82 bomb platform.

It features a new skin to all the bombs based of the Mk. 82, made so that all the bombs look like they come from the same batch.

Included are skins for the Mk. 82, Mk. 82 AIR, GBU-38 and GBU-12. The GBU-12s have also been updated to have grey guidance kits like their modern counterparts.

I also included skins for the training versions of all available bombs of the same line, and a new skin for the CBU 85/97/103/105.

JSGME ready.

Hope you enjoy!
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