Fw-190D Enhanced English Cockpit 1.5 & 2.0 [METRIC]

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DCS: World 1.5
Fw 190 D-9 Dora
Fw-190D Enhanced English Cockpit 1.5 & 2.0 [METRIC]

Fw-190D Enhanced English Cockpit 1.5 & 2.0 [METRIC]

Type - Mod
Author - Quartermaster
Date - 06.02.2016 08:39
- Full and complete English cockpit translation
- IAS Airspeed Gauge reads in KPH




V1.0 - Full English translation, IAS gauge readout in KPH
V1.1 - Added Knots IAS option as separate mod, re-textured gunsight block w/ photo of German actress Marlene Deitrich (famous for "The Blue Angel"), fixed Engine Starter cover
V1.2 - Replaced original cockpit "stencilled" text & fixed labels on fuel selector lever
v1.3 - Overhauled for DCS 1.5 Live Release compatibility & re-released. Fixed previously known issue where gunfire damaged glass textures were missing, tested & fully functional.Translated new airspeed & compass placards found in the upd ated 1.5 cockpit.
v1.3.1 - Fixed aft canopy jettison warning sign w/ original legacy version texture from 1.0
v1.3.2 - Added alpha channel to altimeter set pressure window ring. Can finally see this instrument window illuminated at night by cockpit lighting and se t your baro alt pressure at night/dark conditions. YAY!


I felt that the current Fw-190D English Cockpit mods which were available did not... do the aircraft justice, as many existing translations were quite poor. As such I've
gone through the entire cockpit and translated absolutely everything.

- Airspeed reads in KPH per request from users of my IAS in Knots/US Units mod for the FW (available separately on user files)

- Would you like someone other than famous German actress Marlene Deitrich taped up to your gunsight block? Your wife/kids etc? Email me, I'll make it customized for you. No guarantees on fast delivery times though....

- Gunsight block "wingspan sheet" was removed because... well, 99.9% of those aircraft don't exist in DCS. And they likely never will, so... enjoy Marlene Deitrich, celebrated German actress of ye olde days.

I've been banned from DCS Forums; if you find any errors in this mod, have an issue,
a question, want something added, or need a hug, please email me at herrijam@gmail.com.

- QM
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  • Language: English
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