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DCSExporter V2.1

Type - Mod
Author - Dagger
Date - 07/08/2010 22:02:18
Little addon that allows you to create a exporter file  in XML format for multiplayer games, very useful if you know PHP and for squadrons.
Tested in the latest version of BS (1.0.2) but should work on FC2 and A.-10.

Please Read the description before downloading/installing.

This version is much more stable, comes with a installer and generate standard XML files.

Inside the .zip there is one installer and a folder in case that you want to install it manually. There's also a .xml example to see how the file looks like.

One of the DLL's is in C# and the other in C++. If you want the source code just drop me a PM ("-Dagger-" in the forum).

It's still in beta and it's possible that there are few bugs left.

Main differences with old version:

-- Checks if export.lua is untouched via MD5 (only tested in BS 1.0.2)
-- Now generate standard XML files
-- Prints weather information
-- Prints user options
-- Prints mission options
-- Prints aircraft models flown by a player
-- Comes with a installer
-- Ficed the error of missing .dll's
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 547.27 Kb
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