Su-27: Coastal Familiarization

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Su-27: Coastal Familiarization

Uploaded by - DarkFire
Date - 09/09/2015 22:11:51
Fly along the Russian and Georgian coast from Novorossiysk to Batumi to familiarise yourself with the coastal area and the various airfields along the route.

In this mission you have a simple training task: take off from Novorossiysk, fly south east along the coast and land at Batumi. This isn't a combat mission and is specifically designed for new pilots, or those returning to flight duty after a break, to familiarize themselves with the region along the Russian and Georgian coast.

The mission has custom briefing material, a small bit of audio, a win condition etc. There's also a few other aircraft going about their business for you to view en-route if you wish. If you have any questions, comments or constructive criticism please do email me at or leave a comment below.

Edited to add: This mission does not require any mods and should work perfectly well with the standard game. Any mods you do have installed shouldn't create any problems. If they do, please let me know...

In order to play this in DCS 1.5 open the mission in the game editor, hit save and you should be good to go.
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