RAE - [R]WR [A]UDIO [E]XPANSION v3.1 + Ralfidude's Flaming Cliffs edit (v2.0)

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RAE - [R]WR [A]UDIO [E]XPANSION v3.1 + Ralfidude's Flaming Cliffs edit (v2.0)

Type - Mod
Uploaded by - ralfidude
Date - 08/27/2015 07:45:42
****UPDATED VERSION AS OF 07/20/2016****

Tetras RAE mod made to work with the F-15 (though very limited). Only a few new sounds were added. Should work if you only have the F-15, but haven't tested. Not responsible for anything that goes wrong with installation, not that it should. Made to be installed with JSGME

This is Tetras RAE mod with my F-15 RWR expansion in there. It's made to work with JSGME. On top of Tetras RAE mod, I have made it work with a few extra features that work for the F-15, as well as adding custom G breath, flare, engine fire warning, new threat sound on RWR and missile launch warning.

I have Tetras blessing to upload as long as you understand that 90% of this mod is his work, I only edited the F-15 parts in there.

PS: Last I checked this mod does pass the integrity check for DCS.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 2.86 Mb
  • Downloaded: 5608
  • Comments: 1
Tags: RAE, ralfidude, f-15, RWR