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Date - 08/13/2015 16:41:24
MiG-15Bis Navigation Training Mission 02

Good morning comrade! Your leave at Sochi is hereby cancelled. One of our reconnaissance aircraft has just landed and delivered important intel photographs that are needed to be flown immediately in a fast aircraft to the Generals planning meeting at Mosdok. Due to the atrocious weather conditions we would normally have chosen a much more experienced pilot than yourself, but as you are the only MiG-15 pilot currently at Sochi, the job falls on you. You demonstrated great piloting skill in your last navigation training mission, so we are confident that you can carry out this dangerous task. The weather has just cleared enough for Sochi to re-open temporarily and weather conditions at Mosdok are currently still clear. Should the weather close in at Mosdok by the time you get there you will have no choice but to eject over the airbase, but if you must do so first ensure that the case containing the photographs is still firmly attached to your parachute harness. So say goodbye to your newfound girlfriend and get into your flight gear, you leave immediately!

Take off fr om runway 24 at Sochi and either climb through the clouds on the runway heading or turn left before getting into cloud and make your ascend along the coastline. Do not climb out over the mountains. Ceiling is 1000m and tops are at 3000m.

Once into the clear switch to Nalchik NDB and set course. Continue climbing to 8000m where you will have a nice tail wind. Distance to waypoint 1 Nalchik is 300km and if you are on course you will have Mount Elbrus (elevation 5642m) pass you on your right whilst you are enjoying the sunrise.

At waypoint 1 switch to Mozdok NDB and start descending to 3500m so that you are at that height by the time you reach waypoint 2 Mozdoc NDB which is another 80km away.

At waypoint 2 Mozdok NDB start your descend through cloud at your discretion. Do not make your descent too steep and fast as you may be below 1000m AGL by the time you break through. Also keep in mind the limitations of your attitude indicator. Once clear of cloud turn toward Mozdok NDB and land.

NDB's have been programmed into your ARC-5 Nav Radio.

NDB 1 = Sochi-Adler 761 kHz   .  .  .    _  _  _
NDB 2 = Nalchik 718 kHz   _  _     .  _  .  .
NDB 3 = Mozdok 525 kHz   _  .  .    _  _

Note: To manually tune and receive on your ARC-5 Radio the Near/Far switch must be set to FAR.
To use and receive stations from your pretuned NDB switches 1 – 3, the switch must be set to NEAR.

Good luck!
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