Leopard 2 Basic Vehicle Training Qualification

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Leopard 2 Basic Vehicle Training Qualification

Type - Campaign
Author - Sabre-TLA
Date - 06/29/2015 04:46:03
A 10 Mission Campaign that covers Basic Vehicle Training Qualification in the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank.

The Leopard 2 Basic Vehicle Qualification Course has the following phases:

Phase 1: Academic Classes and Training
Phase 2: Basic Vehicle Training Qualification
Phase 3: Tactical Vehicle Training Qualification

Hopefully you have completed Phase 1 and are familiar with the Leopard 2 weapon systems and operating procedures. If not, please read the Leopard 2 manual before continuing.

The goal of the Leopard 2 Basic Vehicle Qualification Course is to prepare soldiers for combat operations with the Leopard 2 in a number of mission roles. Commanders require soldiers with the skills and training necessary to be successful on the battlefield.

Each Phase of training will contain individual Performance Objectives (POs) that must be met to pass the course. Performance Checks (PCs) will be used to determine if you have met the requirements of the PO.

Your grading will be based on the following in accordance with the Armor Crewman Course 19K10-OSUT Military Occupational Speciality (MOS):

Satisfactory (SAT): Met the requirements of the Performance Objective(PO) by performing the correct procedure, with accuracy and completing within the required time.

Unsatisfactory (UNSAT): Failed to meet the requirements of the Performance Objective (PO) by performing an incorrect procedure, or was inaccurate in execution or did not complete within the required time.

A rating of SAT across all PO items will result in a GO rating.  This means you are good to go to the next training element.

A rating of UNSAT for any PO item will result in a NO GO rating. This means you must repeat the PO again until you can obtain a GO rating.

Basic Vehicle Training Qualification is the first phase of your training to become a Leopard 2 Crewman.

The Leopard 2 Crewman leads, supervises, or serves as a member of Leopard 2 units in offensive and defensive combat operations.

You job duties include:
- Operate and maintain tracked and wheeled vehicles over various terrain.
- Use communications equipment to receive and relay battle orders.
- Load and fire guns.
- Read maps, compasses and battle plans.

Basic Vehicle Training Qualification has the following objectives:

1. Land Navigation and Map Reading
2. Vehicle Navigation Day
3. Vehicle Navigation Night
4. Stationary Target Engagement Day
5. Stationary Target Engagement Night
6. Moving Target Engagement Day
7. Moving Target Engagement Night
8. Combat Formation Driving Test Day
9. Combat Proficiency Test Day
10. Combat Proficiency Test Night

Your training will be part of Operation Agile Spirit planned from June 6th to June 30th.

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This campaign uses the Caucasus Map.

You will need to install a license and purchase a mission key to install these missions.  

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