A2G Free Flight - varied difficulty.

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A2G Free Flight - varied difficulty.

A2G Free Flight - varied difficulty.

Author - solidusbucket
Date - 05/12/2015 00:38:56
**Update: infantry units clipping through buildings. Randomized missile threats.**

Practice your A2G skillset. There are places to practice with no threat, medium threat, and high threat. You can practice spotting targets in forests and cities. You can practice hitting targets on un-even terrain. You can practice your strafing on convoys. It is entirely up to you.  All airplanes and helicopters are available for flight. A special area is designated for the UH-1H and MI-8, but airplanes can practice in the area as well. The flight time to target area is short.

Refer to map briefing for target locations. All A/C available

*****Target brief****

WP 1 -  Medium threat bombing area.

Threat: AAA. Targets: convoys, outposts,  static tank formations and artillery.

Target location: DK 28, 29, 38, 39, 48, and 49. Convoys moving on the roads going towards the lakes from all directions.

WP 2 - Missile threat area.  

Threat: Sa-13, Sa-15, Sa-19. Targets: outposts

Target location: DK 66, 67, 68, 76, 77, 78, 86, 87, 88

WP 3-  Target spottting. Threat: none. Targets: Transport trucks.

Target location:  City of  Abinsk and DK35 - in the trees. 10 targets at each location.

WP 4 - uneven terrain bombing. Threat: AAA. Targets: Tanks.
Target location:  on windy  road that runs up the hill.

UH-1H / MI-8MTV:

WP 1 - Cargo. Located on far South West taxi lane.

Wp 2 - target area:

Threat: small arms and rpgs. Targets: armed houses, guard towers, infantry, road outposts, and convoys.

Target location: DK 18.

WP 3 - Target spotting.

Threat: none.

Targets: tanks and transport trucks.

Target location: City of Abinsk and DK 35 - in trees.
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