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Dogfighting with Eagles

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Date - 03/12/2015 18:39:50
Single Mission Dogfight Action with the MiG-21

On June 27, 1979 at approximately 11:00:00 hours, 4 Israeli F-15s from 133 Squadron are flying due East over Lebanon near Sidon.

Israel has been executing raids against the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) due to recent terrorist activities against Israel.

This is the first time the F-15 is being flown in combat anywhere in the world.  Israel acquired the F-15 in 1976 and was the first country to do so outside of the United States.

The Israeli flight is led by Colonel Benny Zinger with Major Moshe Melnik flying as his #2 wingman.  Moshe is already an ace in the F-4E Phantom.

They are alerted by Ground Control Intercept (GCI) radar that 4 Syrian Mig 21's have crossed into Lebanese airspace from the East.

The MIGs are 20 miles away when the F-15's radar finds the targets.

GCI gives permission to open fire.  Moshe waits for his flight leader to clear him to fire but both men want the first kill!

You are the flight lead for the Syrian MiG-21 four ship.  Will the Israeli's score the first kill or will you?
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