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CAS For Movement Into Mozdok

CAS For Movement Into Mozdok

Author - solidusbucket
Date - 02/11/2015 06:24:49
This mission can be played single player or co-op with up to 9 players. There is one aircraft module available per player. Every modern aircraft can be flown by default including transport and AH helos.

Task: Callsign - Full Metal (you, the player) will provide CAS for troops moving into MOZDOK.

You will be bombing, strafing, and destroying the threat for your allies on the ground as they bear down and try to survive the firefight of their lives. Or, take part in transporting a light infantry strike force that will assist the main element in capturing the city.

This mission includes voice acting.  Please reduce the following in-game volumes to 50% or lower to take advantage of voice acting: GUI, World, In-Cockpit, and Helmet. Leave the option “VOLUME” at 100%. There are subtitles as well.

This is the third installment in what will become a campaign which will offer different mission paths based on failure or success.

I need your feedback to improve these missions. Thank you.
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