Conduct Ariel Recon at Target Areas

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Conduct Ariel Recon at Target Areas

Conduct Ariel Recon at Target Areas

Author - solidusbucket
Date - 02/06/2015 03:56:23
Updated: 2015 Feb 08: Bug fix.

6 slots for fixed wing. One slot per aircraft type - easily changed in Mission Editor.

Conduct a recon over several target areas and find the enemy. You have to report that you have found the enemy (rather than just fly through a zone, like most recon missions).

Making a false report is dangerous. Ensure you have positive I.D before sending a report.

There are multiple areas where the enemy base could be, allowing you to enjoy this mission more than once.

There are practice targets on the way to the mission area for those that do not like to fly without being actively engaged.

This mission is the second installment of an ongoing series that will split depending on your success or failure. The first mission can be found here:

This mission assumes you were successful on the first mission. Of course, you can just play this mission without playing the first.
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