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Sting in the Tail Mission

Uploaded by - herky
Date - 11/20/2014 21:33:38
A single player mission for DCS World. An intensive attack on a group of defended APC's. Flown in the SU-25T, but can also be flown in the Black Shark 2, in DCS World.

An attack mission initially designed to be flown in the SU-25T. If the Black Shark 2 is in DCS World then you may fly the Shark. In either case you would be advised to coordinate the attack with the Shark/Frogfoot force. But as with all missions, its up to you how you fly and fight this mission!

TOT for the Ka-50's is 12.09.53.
TOT for the SU-25T's is 12.7.40.  

Red coalition is to destroy a group of APC's. AAA will engage after the first passes. Red force has considerable helicopter assets. Mi8's are mobilised upon trigger state being activated. You may also fly this aircraft after its activation. (Provided its installed in DCS World)  Blue forces will engage and attack Red forces, like for like, after attack is initiated. A quick and expeditious attack is required, and return safely to Home Plate before mission is deemed successful. Any delay will trigger a Fighter Sweep which is the Sting in the Tail.

A counterpart mission will be uploaded that is a mirror to this one. In part two, you will fly the A10c/Huey combination force to attack Red APC's.

I have included the F86 Sabre, out of time context, but of fascination value for those wanting to explore various platforms and a truly lovely aircraft to fly. This is the main crux of the mission. To explore the differences in platforms! Hope its enjoyed.

A You Tube video will be available on my You Tube site. "David Herky" or "Herky231"on You Tube. You can see how the mission may work out.

A profile is also available to download if you want the profile I used in the movie.
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