A-50 Mainstay and E-3 Sentry more realistic target detection

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A-50 Mainstay and E-3 Sentry more realistic target detection

Author - Maverick Su-35S
Date - 31.10.2014 04:35
Helps find targets that fly lower over terrain and at all other possible altitudes at a much greater distance (200-400km far).

First of all make sure that you BACKUP your original "db_seasons.lua" file located in the installation folder of the sim (NOT the "C:\Users..." folder): "...DCS World\Scripts\Database\db_seasons.lua" and then overwrite it with the one provided here.

Because the default awacs aircraft (especially the E-3 Sentry) were so unable to find targets that fly lower than 20 meters after a distance of only 50km (the E-3 Sentry for instance) and higher flying targets no further than 200-230km (for the A-50 which had better detection capability).

I took the time and started searching for the radar detection performance for both of these planes airborne radars to make sure how far, which size and how low should a target be to reach the capability limits of these awacs radars.

This file modifies the radar cross section capable detection for both the A-50 and the E-3 Sentry awacs planes making them be able to detect far more distant targets which fly as low as 50 meters AGL (similar to cruise missiles) from a distance as high as 220+km for E-3 Sentry and as high as 240-250+km for the A-50 Mainstay, while the higher flying targets can be detected from distances up to 400+km (bigger targets, not fighters) by the E-3 and a bit higher by the A-50.

This may not reflect the exact performance for both the E-3 Sentry's radar or for the A-50 Mainstay's radar, because it's very hard to compare all possible situations, yet this should allow them to detect any target at a more realistic distance than the default and give a better playing experience with a more capable awacs.
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