This old Huey was found in a junk yard south of Calais, while the mechanical parts got lovingly restored over 3 months furlough the paint job remains as a reminder of the abuse she endured over the years. Distressed yellow Huey skin Skin English DCS: World 2.5 UH-1H Huey Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 07/02/2020 11:58:27 7.0000
Datum: 07/02/2020
... _____________________________________________________________________ CHANGELOG v1.3 Added Metric IAS Gauge face option as standalone drag-n-drop/JSGME install _____________________________________________________________________ INSTALLATION JSGME Compatible for all four - if you wish to use Grizzly's worn cockpit mod, INSTALL THAT FIRST, then enable the other two in JSGME and click YES to overwrite. _____________________________________________________________________ WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? F-86 Cockpit Dashboard w/ METRIC AIRSPEED [1.5/2.0 ...
Datum: 02/05/2016
Quartermaster's F-86 Deluxe Cockpit Mods Package - With Cheese ** THIS PACKAGE CONTAINS TWO INDIVIDUAL MODS, BOTH JSGME COMPATIBLE ** ALL MODS IN THIS PACKAGE ARE 1.5.4/2.0+ COMPATIBLE ** COMPONENTS OF THE F-86 'WORN' COCKPIT MOD INCLUDED HEREIN ARE BY GRIZZLY, NOT ME _____________________________________________________________________ CHANGELOG V1.0 Improved ADI - Colorized ADI gyro for easy reference w/ alpha channel V1.1 Added ATC channel list (w/ ...
Datum: 01/07/2016

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