In God We Trust Helmet with red/white stripes and us seal Skin Any language Any version AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Datum: 10/23/2018
In God We Trust Helmet with USA Flag and Seal Skin Any language Any version F/A-18C Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Datum: 10/23/2018
DCS MiG-15bis English Cockpit - US Units - Includes Mainstay's HD MiG-15bis Cockpit - Includes UBoats' MiG-15bis English Translated Cockpit _____________________________________________________________________ ** THIS MOD IS JSGME COMPATIBLE** ** THIS MOD IS DCS 1.5/2.0 COMPATIBLE** ...
Datum: 01/15/2016
Fictional USMC scheme based very loosely on VMFA-232 Red Devils' field schemes from years past. ** This skin is based on the Northerian 32nd FG Skin which used to be available for download here, I cannot locate the original author to credit him, but his base ...
Datum: 01/23/2015
One US Army Mi-17 skin for DCS Mi-8MTV2 (Mi-17). Black Blade Mod Included. See description for details... US Army Mi-17. ATTN: The main rotor blade textures for the Mi-8/17 are read from the Mi-8 Texture Database in a different location in the ...
Datum: 01/03/2015
... located at (or create a folder named MI8MTV-STND-TEXTURES here) /DCS World/Mods/aircraft/Mi8-MTV2/Cockpit/Textures/MI8MTV-STND-TEXTURES/, Overwrite any existing files. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS __________________________________________________ This is JUST a dashboard/gauges mod - it is fully compatible w/ ANY/ALL English Mi-8 cockpit mods period. INSTRUMENTS CONVERTED TO US MEASURES - Radar Altimeter - Indicated Airspeed - Barometric Altimeter - Turn indicator fixed angle @ pattern speed ...
Datum: 02/04/2016
F/A-18C from the VFA-131 (2003) Hello, This is my first skin, it was requested by my brother who have the plane in scale model. This is the skin of the squadron leader of the VFA-131 of 2003. for installation simply copy the file from the .rar to DCS World/Bazar/Liveries/f_a-18c Enjoy your flight! Other 155
Datum: 10/26/2014

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