You are a USMC attack helicopter pilot but with the threat of North Korea the USMC is looking for a new attack helicopter that will fit the role, they think the Russian Ka-50 will fit the role so they have bought one aircraft and painted it in the USMC camouflage and sent you to Russia to test the aircraft. You will test all aspects of the aircraft over a 6 day period and then they will decide if the aircraft will be a part of there fleet. You will get to know every aspect of this aircraft when...
Datum: 11/24/2017
This mission is designed to test your precision and ability to handle the Mi-8. You will be given 3 tests to perform: Hover Check: Hover the helicopter 3 meters off the ground, and hold it there for 30 seconds. You will be marked on your ability to hold your altitude, heading and position. Orbit Check: Complete an orbital circuit of a marker at a distance of 0.5km. You will be judged on your precision. Navigation Check: You will be given a town name, a grid reference and a terrain pattern...
Datum: 11/25/2014
Edit 4/25/2015. Mission now compatible with DCS 1.2.16 Race against the clock as you complete a series of challenges including hovering over moving vehicles, ship landings, sideways and formation flying, target practice, and sling load delivery. EDIT: April 20 2014 Completely redone mission. Tested in 1.2.8 beta Single mission English UH-1H Huey Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 04/26/2015 13:27:11 1911
Datum: 05/20/2013

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