A simple mod to improve the AN/APQ159 visuals As I was sort of bored by the arcade-ish look of our AN/APQ159 screen, I tried to make it slightly better. Please note, this is ONLY a visual improvement of the B-sweep and won't improve the radar systems. It won't make better ground clutter or spotting/lock easier... So, what does this mod do ? 1 - A few lua tricks to allow the b-sweep to travel across the whole screen. Not only the upper half. 2 - Center the DG/DM mode. If you want ...
Datum: 07/31/2019
A kneeboard quick-glance reference guide for the MiG-21BIS' RP-22SMA "Sapphire" Radar. Because this radar is locked and doesn't move to track enemy aircraft I found this reference page handy while learning to use the weapons systems so as not to lose contact with targets. v1.1 changelog: Height reduced by 10% so that it renders ...
Datum: 10/04/2014
Como funcionam as coisas nos caças? Quando devo usar Flares, quando devo usar Chaffs? Quando usar o Radar? O que é EOS? Como manobrar e sobreviver? Resumão de tudo que aprendi nesses anos nos combates Ar Ar no DCS, mostrando tipos de mísseis, métodos de disparo, emprego do radar EOS, Chaffs, Flares e ECM. Aborda também manobras evasivas eficientes....
Datum: 04/17/2017
A collection of all of my documents for DCS A-10C, updated for v1.1.0.9 and combined into one download. 1. RWR Threat guide 2. Airfield Guide 3. Weapon Types 4. Start-Up Guide 5. TM Warthog Controls 6. Mission Data Card 7. Cut-Out Quick Reference A-10C 13.08.2011 06:38:13 9811
Datum: 08/07/2011

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