Delivered in 2004 the first three Danish C-130J-30 Hercules are flying out of 721 Squadron, Transport Wing Aalborg. In 2007 the fourth and last C-130 Hercules was delivered. Danish C-130J’s have operated in several conflict areas including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Mali. They regularly fly support missions in Greenland. C-130J Version 5.5 tested. Skin Any language DCS: World 2.5 Other Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 30
Datum: 11/18/2020
... Aleppo region by providing troop transport and MEDEVAC ops. Hostile Insurgent ...
Datum: 08/30/2020
***THIS CAMPAIGN DOES NOT WORK WITH DCS 2.5.6*** Assume the role of a freelance helicopter pilot as you're randomly tasked with various missions in the city of Dubai. Mission Trailer: Required Mods for this mission: Mod installation video: Single mission English DCS: World 2.5 UH-1H Huey Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 29.02.2020 01:10:01 ...
Datum: 02/29/2020
... any nasties on the ship. Transport the SBS troops and inflatable ...
Datum: 01/16/2020
Soviet Air Force "01" livery for the YAK-40 Non dynamic BORT numbers, has Russian air force roundels on the wings and tales but retains the Areoflot style stripe down the side of the fuselage Install location DCS World\DCS World 2\Bazar\Liveries\Yak-40 Skin Any language DCS: World 2.5 Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 217
Datum: 05/12/2019
Iranian Airline "Qeshm Air" YAK-40 livery Qeshm Air is a Iranian Airline based in Qeshm Island and operates out of Qeshm International Airport (featured in the Persian Gulf Map). They operated several YAK-40's during the 1990's into the early 2000's as a Business VIP jet, this included transportation of Iranian politicians. <br /> <br /> Install:<br /> <br /> Place the folder inside the RAR file into:<br /> DCS World 2\Bazar\Liveries\Yak-40<br /& ...
Datum: 02/23/2019
Two UAE Air Force liveries for the C-130 and a AH-64D skin Two camouflages, Grey and Sand. UAE C-130's typically operate out of Al Minhad Air Base<br /> <br /> Install, drop both folders into:<br /> <br /> \DCS World 2\Bazar\Liveries\<br /> <br /> <br /> I hope to do the UH-60 and the Chinook aswell. Skin Any language DCS: World 2.5 Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 27.01.2019 17:37:13 422
Datum: 01/27/2019
Swiss Air Force livery based on the Super Puma The Swiss Air Force does NOT have any Mi-8, therefore it's a fictional livery. It's based on the layout of the Super Puma which is currently used by the Swiss Air Force. The zip contains 4 variants: - Default Skin - SAR (Search And Rescue) - EUFOR - Green Camo See it in action on youtube: Skin Any language Any version Mi-8MTV2 Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 08.03.2018 22:18:25 634
Datum: 03/08/2018
... 0.2 ---------------------------------------------------- Rescue Missions: 5 Transport Missions: 0 Random Air Traffic ...
Datum: 01/04/2018
... HUEY, MI8 and CA. Classic transport mission. Since the bettle is ...
Datum: 02/25/2014

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