All planes were assigned to the 2nd Squadron "Flying Cheetahs" of the SAAF and stationed 1952 in Korea. v3: Roundels and Fin Flash optimized, Roughness Metallic layer redone for DCS 2.5.4 v2: Skins completely redone for DCS 2.1, SAAF 395 Sherdanor and SAAF pilot added v1: Initial release Skin Any language DCS: World P-51D Mustang Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 08/31/2019 05:49:30 850.0000
Datum: 08/31/2019
... camouflage used later during the Border war with Angola. With "Deep Buff" and "Olive Drab" on the top, and standard Grey undersides.<br /> <br /> The Helmets are based of the current Silver Falcons helmets used by the South African Airforce Display team.<br /> The Roundels are ZANDF's own, based off the Old Castle of the SAAF, with the Old "Winged Spingbok" of the SAA.<br /> <br /> Known issues: The South African Flag on the drop tanks ...
Datum: 07/13/2019
... until their replacement by the SAAB Gripen in 2008. The Cheetah continue to serve in the Ecuadorian Air Force alongside ex-IAF Kfirs. A Cheetah was painted in 1995 in a unique Cheetah livery, to participate in 2 v 1 dogfights at airshows for the South African Airforce 75th Anniversary. Becoming a crowd favorite, she retained her livery to this day, where she is displayed in the Air Force Museum. To celebrate this beautiful aircraft, we at ZANDF have painted up our Mirage 2000C with the same ...
Datum: 05/02/2019
South African Air Force fictional skin based on SAAF Sabre camos and also seen on Mirages that served during the Bush War during the 1970's and 80's. A-10C 223
Datum: 03/15/2013

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