Flying Training with HLS / Cargos / Passengers / Formation. For KA-50 - MI-8T - SA342 - UH-1H *** You must have Upuauts' excellent MOD - Add on cargos / helipads / objects / ships / for this mission to be fully functional *** "" You can find the updated version of Upuauts' MOD on the DCS Forums Eagle RU ** Take off and follow directions. Land at each LZ. (17 available) LZs have a score value based on difficulty. Markers - Orange smoke & signal flare from 2 Nm. Optional - Radio...
Datum: 04/26/2017
First trial of ``skinning`` Hi folks, here are 3 Mi 8 colorschemes in different grey and green tones, sawn in good old east german times about 1990, sadly they don't meet any original tones,just nearly. Used the standard Mi 8 template and gimp. Unpack in DCS main directory\bazar\liveries\mi8mt and have fun. Filenames german, description english, bortnumberposition can be edited in description.lua. A:R: Skin English DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Mi-8MTV2 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
Datum: 09/11/2015

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