This creates encyclopedia entry for excellent HMS Hermes R12 ship mod. Install just overwrite DCS World directory and you're set. (Mod Creates file: HMS Hermes R12.txt) in: DCS World/Mods/Tech/WWII Units/Encyclopedia/Ship/ Other English ...
Datum: 07/02/2019
Version 2 of my HMS Hermes mod of the 70s and 80s refits HMS Hermes Laid down just before WW2 ended she was finally commissioned in 1959 as an angled deck carrier 1973 This is the first major refit of Hermes when she was converted from a Cat 'n' trap to a Commando ...
Datum: 06/06/2019
... A-4E-C (NEW VERSION v1.3.1) found here; support: and HMS Hermes R12 1981 Refit found here; support: The following skins which I have used in the mission are optional ...
Datum: 12/27/2019
Albion, Bulwark & Centaur Pennant numbers Added the 3 other centaur class carriers, even though they were completely different. Added the Pennant island numbers and deck codes This is for the 70s ASW \ Commando version HMS Centaur 06 - C HMS Albion 07 - Z HMS Bulwark 08 - B install to saved games \DCS version\Liveries\HERMES73 Skin Any language DCS: World 2.5 Other Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
Datum: 08/15/2019

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