Black Cockpit mod, Darkened Cockpit mod or Night mode Cockpit... Whatever name suits you, finally its also available for the kitty. Clean label mod featured is made by Japo32 All background panels have been darkened and some other panels, gauges etc have been darkened or colored over with black. Both RIO and Pilot pits are darkened. Obviously the external textures have not been altered to show a black cockpit in external view. As of writing this the F-14A and F-14B cockpits are ...
Datum: 03/16/2021
DCS Spitfire Beta 1.5.5 (EARLY ACCESS) Deluxe Cockpit Package **JSGME READY** Fully marked-up civilian aircraft-like dash gauges, including IAS in KPH and MPH; bonus Nav Lights fix (substantially decreased brightness & spread) REVISION HISTORY v1.0.1 Released for use with DCS 1.5.5 Live, not compatible with 2.0.X JSGME INSTALLATION Drag & drop all three folders into your JSGME or similar mod manager mods folder. NOTE: In DCS options -> Special, ensure your Spitfire cockpit ...
Datum: 01/01/2017
Updated Ricardo's HD cockpit textures to work in the new DCS: World. Updated Ricardo's HD cockpit textures to work in the new DCS: World. Install: Make a backup of your zips and paste these in the "Bazar\World\textures" folder and enjoy! Includes night time textures and the orange gauges fix. Mod English DCS: World Su-25T Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 01.05.2012 16:57:17 6615
Datum: 05/01/2012
This is a ModMan package of DoctorK's F-15C cockpit with Aeroscout's orange instrument lights. Updated to v.2.0 Special thanks to DoctorK, Aeroscout and Mustang. Mod English LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2 F-15C Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 3374
Datum: 06/27/2010

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