Skin based on a real skin of the slovak Mig-21 MF Two other color varieties included - desert and attack one. Transfer of the real skin of the Slovak Air Force Mig-21 MF number 7713 to Mirage 2000C. - Two other recolored skins are included based on colors used in Slovak (or former Czecho-Slovak) Air Force, one based on Su-22 fighter-bomber and another one based on (probably export) variant ...
Datum: 05/17/2019
Mirage 2000C Slovak Air Force 0115 (update 4-3-2018) Skin Other DCS: World 2.5 M-2000C Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 03/04/2018 19:06:23 1299
Datum: 06/06/2016

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