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DCS: World 2.5
Typ - Tool
Autor - Worrazen
Date - 09.01.2019 23:50:04
The main purpose of this tool is to reduce the installation size of DCS World 2.5 without possiblity of recovery of those assets. It does feature a rename (disable/enable) mode which can be used as a test mode to first see the effect it would have on ingame behavior and possibly performance.
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L-39C Pilot suit color changed from Blue to Olive
Typ - Anstrich
Autor - [EF] Timka
Date - 31.12.2015 16:40:15
This will replace the pilot blue suit to an Olive color.
I changed the suit color and put a little bit on the gloves too.
Also I modified the pilot boot for more darker I guess it will look better than the original.

NOTE: This for the L-39C pilot inside the cockpit not the exterior.

1- Extract these two DDS Files on your Desktop:
   pilot_L39_FP1 & pilot_L39_FP1.

2- For Windows7 Users: Go to: C/Program Files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World OpenBeta/Mods/Aircraft/L-39C-Textures.

3- Cut the Winrar file (Textures) then paste it on your desktop.

4- Open (Don't extract) the winrar file that you'd just pasted.

5- Inside that winrar you will see almost in the bottom these two files: pilot_L39_FP1 & pilot_L39_FP1. Extract them to a safe spot in your PC as a backup.
   Now Delete these two files from your winrar.

6- Slide the two files that you downloaded into the *Textures* winrar, and chose *Best* for better quality.

7- Now put the Textures winrar back to it's original folder
  • Lizenz: Freeware - Kostenlose Version, Weitergabe untersagt
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DCS: World 2.7
Morse Code Kneeboard for All Aircraft
Typ - Dokument
Autor - MateusOV
Date - 25.09.2021 01:53:39
No longer will you need to google or memorize the morse codes, just open your kneeboard and go back a few pages to find this VERY helpful page!
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