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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
Typ - Anstrich
Autor - Wolfthrower
Date - 19.10.2020 23:57:47
A livery recreation of the RJAF (Royal Jordanian Air Force) F16A Block 20 MLU number 155 of the 1st Squadron.
this particular aircraft began its way in the Belgian Air Force in 1989 as FA-111, and in 2011 was delivered to Jordan as part of the "Peace Falcon V" deal.
The number 1 Squadron was formed in Amman, in 1958, operating the hawker hunter until 1974 in which they were replaced by F-5's.
in 1981 the squadron switched to operating the Mirage F-1C/E. the squadron was deactivated at 2007 and at the same year in december reopened as an F-16A/B squadron, receiving their first ADF falcons from "TUSAS" in Turkey.
today it based at Azraq, with short periods at prince Hasan Air base and Habbaniya (Iraq).

most notable operations of the squadrons are : the enforcement of the no fly zone over Libya during Operation Odyssey Dawn / Operation Unified Protector. and operations against Daesh ( ISIS ).

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