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DCS: World
Typ - Anstrich
Uploaded by - Easypeac3
Date - 06.01.2020 21:06:13
*Updated* F-15C & F-15E JASDF - 32-8082 liveries. New with japanese camo and markings.
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DCS: World 2.7
Uploaded by - SWPixivyle
Date - 23.08.2022 22:53:51
We've been supporting Georgia for almost three months now, and after some efforts we managed to get ahold of a couple smaller Russian bases.

Mozdok was attacked recently with good effects, however the base is still operational and considered a threat. In response to this, we have prepared a strike package to destroy enemy warehouses, depots and bunkers where priority targets are hidden. Due to a lack of resources, the mission will be carried out only by two F-15E and two F-15C escort fighters, you will be one of them.

Your mission will be to escort the strike package to Mozdok and ensure they can complete the attack and come back safely. Wizard 1 will offer information about enemy positions.

Additionally, an enemy AWACS with escort fighters has been located between Vody and Mozdok. This is not the main target. Stay away from the AWACS to avoid getting in trouble with the escort.
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