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DCS: World 2.7
Typ - Mod
Autor - elies
Date - 14.06.2021 17:32:37
This is an updated version of my fictitious livery for the CVN 75 USS Harry S Truman in honour of HRH Prince Philip who recently passed away.  Prince Philip had a long history with the Royal Navy and I was working on a fictituous UK livery for the super carrier when he passed away so decided to name it after him. I've put his crest within the standard Royal Navy ensignia template and put these throughout the boat, including on the catapults.

This new version has been updated to make the deck colour scheme as similar as possible to the real life HMS Ark Royal R09 Audacious class carrier. The Royal Navy flag sails from the mast with the Uni on partially painted on the Stern. The boats number is now in royal gold.

To install, unzip the file to your Saved Games/DCS/Liveries/CVN_75/CVN_75 Prince Philip.

To use, sel ect CVN 75 in Mission Editor and change the skin / livery to "HMS Prince Philip".

  • Lizenz: Freeware - Kostenlose Version, Freie Weitergabe
  • Sprache: Englisch
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