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P-47D Thunderbolt
"Gladys" 512 Fighter Squadron, 406th Fighter Group, 44-20246, L3-Q Nordholz, 1945
Typ - Anstrich
Autor - Jumper77A
Date - 02.03.2021 02:34:44
This aircraft piloted by 1LT. Ernie Sprouse was aircraft "Q" Serial number 44-20246 from the 512th Fighter Squadron as it would of appeared when the squadron was assigned to Nordholz, Germany, c. 1945.  I am told when then 2LT. Ernie Sprouse received this aircraft "Texas Kay" was already painted on the right cowling.  A "payment" of 2 bottles of whiskey ensured "Gladys" would soon appear on the left cowling.  This livery was done by special request for a friend of the now late Ernie Sprouse.  I can only hope I did his aircraft justice.  Enjoy!  

Compatible with both early and late model P-47s!
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