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DCS: World 2.5
F-5E Tiger
Eastern Friendship Mission 1 - Close Air Support F-5E Edition (version 1.6, uploaded April 14, 2021)
Autor - SEDLO
Date - 06.03.2021 16:37:10
version 1.6, uploaded April 14, 2021 - Compatible with DCS version 2.7 and higher only.

Zip file contains folder with .miz file and a .pdf briefing document.  Unzip into your C:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions

Last night, a Georgian weapons depot was attacked by Russian back South Ossetia separatist forces, and a number of weapons systems were stolen, including APCs, radar guided AA vehicles and munitions.  Intelligence suggests these purloined assets will be moved East back into South Ossetia.

You are the lead pilot of Colt 5 flight of 2 F-5Es based at Kutaisi Airbase in northern Georgia.  Colt 5 is sitting alert ready to support NATO and Georgian ground forces.  

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