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DCS: World 2.5
Fictional RAF Mi-8MTV2 SAR Seaking HAR3 from 22 & 202 SQN
Typ - Anstrich
Autor - lowlevelRAF
Date - 14.10.2020 15:57:22
2x Fictional repaints for the Mi8MTV2 for DCS.

First repainted as an RAF Seaking HAR3 Helicopter from D Flight, 202 Squadron, based at RAF Lossiemouth, United Kingdom. As Seaking XZ592, coded 'H'. The real world Seaking HAR3 airframe XZ592 is preserved at the Morayvia aviation museum in Morayshire.

Second repainted as an RAF Seaking HAR3 from C Flight, 22 Squadron, based at RAF Valley, UK. As Seaking XZ597, Code 'M'.

The Seaking HAR3 is no longer in service with the RAF, with the UK SAR cover having been replaced by private company Bristow Helicopters in 2015.
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