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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
The Hornets' Nest v1.11
Typ - Kampagne
Autor - bovsam
Date - 16.06.2019 10:53:50
The Hornets' Nest is a nine missions single player campaign for the F/A-18C over the Caucasus. This is a fictional campaign where you will have to conduct varied missions from A/A to A/G.

In just a few weeks, a group of insurgents has taken control of almost all the Georgian territory. Their claim is that oil resources should benefit to everyone. However, this argument is considered by many countries as a pretext to take control on these resources.

Last week the insurgents captured the capital city and the regular government had to hide at Batumi which is the last major city that is still under the government control. However, the insurgents are only 50 miles north of Batumi and may capture it in a day or two. As a last resort, USA have sent the USS Stennis in the Black Sea to help the regular army protecting Batumi and to provide support to regain control on Georgia. Only air support is planned and ground operations are let to the regular army.
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