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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
Operation Persian Gauntlet - Jane's F-15 Iran Campaign Reimagined (F-14B)
Typ - Kampagne
Autor - GrizzlyBear83
Date - 22.12.2019 12:56:33
The breakdown of the Middle Eastern peace process has increased the anti-western sentiment in the Middle East, and with war brewing on the Korean Peninsula, the number of US military forces in the Persian Gulf are reduced to cope with this new threat. Only a single aircraft carrier remains to enforce the Iraqi no-fly zone.

The moderate president of Iran is assassinated and ultra-conservative clerics seize power and quickly denounce American presence in the region. Soon, under the cover of a major military exercise, Iran suddenly moves thousands of troops onto several disputed Gulf islands.

And when a US flagged tanker is sunk in the Strait of Hormuz, and many more oil tankers are damaged by mines, the world’s oil markets are in turmoil. The Strait of Hormuz has been closed to western shipping.

Your carrier strike group represents the majority of airborne striking power available to CENTCOM should air strikes against Iran
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DCS: World 2.5
Jane's F-15 Iran IADS template V.1.4 (updated 01/23/19)
Autor - GrizzlyBear83
Date - 30.01.2019 10:20:18
Based on the Iran Campaign template from Jane's F-15, this template tries to replicate the IADS from Jane's F-15, although mostly only in the detailed areas of the Persian Gulf map with SAM sites, AAA-sites, radar sites, Silkworm batteries, and a few ammunition depots, and I added defenses, ammunition depots and a radar base at Jask. Not 100% accurate at the moment, and not every AAA battery and SAM site is replicated.
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