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DCS/FC3: SU-27 Complete English Cockpit Mod

DCS/FC3: SU-27 Complete English Cockpit Mod

Typ - Mod
Autor - Devrim
Datum - 04.02.2018 04:44
V1.3.2 (09/2017) This mod provides fully English labelled cockpit environment for Su-27 module (Compatible with FC3 and DCS: Su-27 module).




    * This mod is compatible with DCS v2.5
    * This mod was made based on the stock cockpit textures.
    * Integrity Check - OK.
    * Please feedback about letter or translation mistakes, typos or your suggestions.
    * Please do not create mirror mods or download links for this mod!
    * Thanks so so much to Esac_mirmidon for his great support; his PDF file help a lot (I can't tell).
      Thanks to Bourrinopathe for help, and friends who gave feedback about the mod.
    * These are the translations of abbreviations for Beryoza and Weapon Status Panel:

        Airborne:     П to A
        Long-Range:   З to L
        Medium-Range: X to M
        Short-Range:  H to S
        Early Warn.:  F to E
        AWACS:        C to W

    Weapon Status Panel:
        Bombs:    Б to BB
        Missiles: УР to MSL
        Rockets:  НРС to RKT
        Cannon:   ВПУ to GUN
        Full:     К to F

Thank you. Have fun.


v1.3.2 - Minor corrections and fixes on texts and Warning Lights. Charts on the wall added. Installation method changed (09/2017).
v1.3.1 - A little fix (Added fuel indicator letters). No need re-download actually (07/2017)(7988DLs).
v1.3.0 - A few fixes. Specular textures are added! Ready for DCS 2.1 (05/2017)(7523DLs).
v1.2a - No texture update. "Customized Cockpit" feature compatible.(07/2016)(6986DLs).
v1.2 - Update for DCS World v1.5. Fixed airspeed gauge's inner values. Minor corrections (11/2015).
v1.1 - Update for DCS World v1.2.11, fixed aircraft(s) folder issue and some corrections.
v1.0 - Update for DCS World v1.2.8u1
v0.9 - First release (02/2014).
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