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UH-1H Huey

UH-1H gauges mod

Typ - Mod
Autor - mudspike
Datum - 31.12.2013 00:48:03
In general less grey and more contrast in the gauges. Subtly more present.
Clean windshield and civilian gauges option.

updated 05-05-2016
Updated for 1.5 and 2.0. Now you can select the Customized Cockpit in the Options menu of the UH-1H and there is no need to reinstall after a DCS update.

- Reduced original imagesizes more then 65%
- Mipmapped gauges (.dds format)
- Cleaned windshield
- Adjusted gauges "Lights on" appearance

- Saturated colors
- Background gauges darker
- Brightened index gauges
- Little less reflection
- Added some elements
- Changed some colors
- Controls indicator downsized to 1/4th and made it more transparent

How to install
1. Copy folder "vivid colors" and/or "vivid colors civilian" fr om the .zip into directory:
   Drive:\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Uh-1H\Liveries\Cockpit_UH-1H\
2. In main menu DCS -> options -> special -> UH-1H, select a Customized Cockpit

howto.txt and three files in the .zip

forum thread:
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