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A-10C Warthog

Custom Splash Screen (DCS: A-10C)

Typ - Sonstige
Autor - Aker
Datum - 06.04.2011 08:00:23
WARNING! Non-ModMan compatible filetype!

Installation process:
Open your following game folder (may not the same):
[Eagle Dynamics\DCS A-10C\FUI\Common\], rename originally located [StartImage.bmp] to [_StartImage.bmp].
Simply unzip, than copy the new one to the above described folder.

Included my ModManager Theme also!
To install:
Drop the A10C.jpg to  [ModMan\required\] (Modman 7 A-10C Patch for 1.1xx must be installed)

Enjoy, if you like it!
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