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DCS: World 2.7

A-10A Valley Run

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Datum - 16.10.2022 22:28:07
You are the only OV-10A pilot available. You must stop or slow down an approaching insurgent convoy on the valley road headed toward your base. Spot the convoy and plan your attack wisely. Check the map in the screenshot which defines the search area.

Location: Batumi Airbase  Tacan 16X
Weather: Broken with light winds.
Threat: Armed enemy resupply convoy.

Task: Intersept and destroy the insurgent convoy.  It is traveling on the valley road toward your base.

Directions: Takeoff and turn left 180 degrees and head down the river valley.  Maintain the left side of the valley where the river takes a sharp right turn. Keep a sharp eye out and plan your attack; You will probably have to fly lower than the valley walls. Destroy at least 75% of the convoy.,

RTB and land.
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