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Caucuses Frontlines 1.2 [SP/MP DYNAMIC SANDBOX]

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Datum - 13.10.2022 19:16:05
Hey Guys!

A long-coming project of mine is finally here, and will continue to be updated as we go on.
But, what is it?
Well, you can watch my YT video here: [VIDEO SOON]
or read my description here!

Frontlines Georgia is a singleplayer/multiplayer sandbox. It uses MOOSE to generate a front line with armour at the front, then an air defense layer, followed by a logistical layer at the very back.
It's still "in early access" but development will hopefully continue to move swiftly.

I hope you enjoy, and i would gladly receive feedback and things you would like to see in here.


1.2 Changelog!

-Added moving logi convoys
-Added moving armour convoys
-Added red AWACS
-Added red roadbase for Su-25A
-Added blue tornado CAS

-Changed AI helicopter fuel levels to increase their playtime
-Changed Wind speed, it's lower now

-Blue do not need a roadbase, their attack base is close enough.
-Convoy targets will stop at their waypoint, but should have plenty of time to get their while they are moving.

Please supply feedback on convoys, it would be greatly appreciated!

Will add logi choppers in the next update!
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