The Redlands Invasion - Mission 2

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DCS: World 2.7
F/A-18C Hornet

The Redlands Invasion - Mission 2

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Datum - 08.10.2022 13:15:26
Mission 2

We may have pushed them back for now, but their forces are building the other side of the river. MLRS were seen setting up for an assault. A satellite image shows supplies being loaded onto an Mi-8, suspected to be the munitions for the MLRS.

Game Time: 1h 45m

Take out the MLRS, and the supply helicopter if possible. They will be somewhere in the towns along the river.

Watch out for SHORAD, Tunguskas we spotted not far from the frontlines!

Available through the F10 Menu:
Blue Tanker - TACAN 1Y
Predator Drone - AFAC
Humvee - FAC
CAP Support

AWACS: 251.000
Tanker: 252.000
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