DCS DMPS (DTC Mission Planning System) v0.4.3.1 by Bailey

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DCS: World 2.7

DCS DMPS (DTC Mission Planning System) v0.4.3.1 by Bailey

Typ - Tool
Autor - Baileywa
Datum - 08.04.2022 18:54:43
Make use of the new Mirage M-2000C DTC feature with DMPS (definitely is in no way related to JMPS)! Use the standalone app or the in-game integrated app, it's up to you!

Welcome to DCS DTC Mission Planning System (DCS-DMPS, a play on JMPS).
With DMPS you can create DTCs. Simple as that.  

Along the top you will be able to sel ect your aircraft, terrain (map), date, and the name
of the DTC cartridge. You will then, be able to enter data such as:
Waypoint name, Lat, long, altitude, cp, pd, rd, rho, theta, dalt, dnorth, and deast.

Currently made for the M2k, other modules to possibly be added.
Cartridges are loaded on plane spawn.
This app is both standalone and/or integrated into DCS itself, much like DCS-Scratchpad or SRS.
M2k can store up to 20 waypoints
The readme can be accessed in the program or on the git: https://github.com/asherao/DCS-DTC-Mission-Planning-Software/blob/master/README.md

- If you are feeling charitable, please feel free to donate. All donations go to paying for DCS
modules to support even more free DCS mods, just like this one! Thank you to all who have
donated to make these mods possible. https://www.paypal.me/asherao
- Join Bailey's VoiceAttack Discord here: https://discord.gg/PbYgC5e
- More of my DCS mods here:
- Talk about DMPS here: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/298257-dcs-dmps-dtc-mission-planning-system-by-bailey/

- Initial release of Integrated app
- Fixed Longitude export
- Added Integrated App DTC Import
- Changed the color of the Integrated App for readability
- Added a Get Coords hotkey, Ctrl+Shift+F2 by default. You can bind the keybind hotkey to your controller or HOTAS using a 3rd party program like Voice Attack (https://voiceattack.com/).
- Enabled Syria DTC for the M-2000C
- If you are having some issues upgrading fr om v0.3.0 to v0.4.0, delete your C:\Users...\Saved Games\DCS\Config\DMPS.config file and restart DCS.
- Added Auto-fill for waypoint lat/long based on F10 Map names
- Added:
  - All DCS Maps for Export
  - All Cities to DTC database
  - All Airports to DTC database
  - All significant F10 map areas to DTC database
  - All Navaid Identifiers to DTC database (use the Identifier switch near "Name" to enable)
- Created an "Extras" area
  - Moved Nav Data+ toggle to Extras area
  - Moved Crosshair toggle to Extras area (Shows when in mission)
  - Added BAD Calculations (Select a populated WPT with the radio selection icon on the left. Aim the crosshair at the desired BAD location. Click the Convert to Bad button. Entry is in meters. Displays as nautical miles in-cockpit. DD(.dddd) calculation only.)
- Adjusted GUI
- Added "Hide DMPS" button
- Remember to delete your `C:\Users\...\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\DMPSConfig.lua` file when updating.
- Hotfix for those who **do not** have Marians Map installed (if you have the map installed, you don't need this hotfix)
- Adjusted Logs
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