VMFA(AW)-533 "Hawks" - F/A-18 SKIN PACK

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DCS: World 2.7
F/A-18C Hornet

VMFA(AW)-533 "Hawks" - F/A-18 SKIN PACK

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - Chewmann
Datum - 26.02.2022 21:20:18
Six versions of the skins for the Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 533 or VMFA(AW)-533, known as the "Hawks."  

Gray & Gray2 have the standard gray colored text and icons
Blue & Blue2 have the dark blue colored text and icons
White & White2 have the CAG-like color scheme with the dark blue background and white colored text and icons on the vertical stabs and fuel tank

I added a helmet that is similar to one a pilot had that I knew in the unit back in the early 90's.  Likewise, I have the hornet hawk patch on the right arm and the coyote brown American Flag on the left arm.  Lastly, I added desert MARPAT material to the helmet lens cover.

Well, since I couldn't find any skins for VMFA(AW)-533, the Hawks, I decided to jump into the skin business.  Admittedly, my skills pale in comparison to so many others, but for my first go, I am pretty happy.  There are 2 tail styles I've found doing my research.  One where the squadron ED is on the outboard side of the vertical stab (that's the one we had when I was in the unit), and the other on the inboard side.  Likewise, there are 2 main text colors. gray and dark blue.  I have made the 4 variations of these.  But, I also saw what looks like a specialty skin (sort of like a CAG version), so I made both of them too.

I hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think!

Sierra Hotel,
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