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DCS: World 2.7

RotorOps: Defend Dubai

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Datum - 18.01.2022 02:53:14
This is a high-quality demo mission for the new defensive mode of RotorOps: Conflict, a game type that features:

1) Helicopter-centric gameplay.  

2) AI that enables vehicles placed in the staging area to move to attack and clear each zone consecutively.  

3) CTLD troop pickup and dropoff with troop sound effects.  

4) High-quality voiceovers and game-like zone stats display.  

Don't be afraid to modify this in the mission editor.  Most of the magic happens in the script and with the use of the zones.  For example, if you want to increase difficulty, just copy and paste more enemies into the staging zone.  For more advanced mission design with this script, see here:

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The enemy has staged a large ground operation to try to capture Sharjah Intl.  We must stop them!

Defeat the enemy's ground forces to win.  Slots for all helicopters.

The enemy will intially move to Alpha and attempt to destroy our defensive ground units.  If we no longer have troops or vehicles left in zone, it will be 'cleared' or captured, and the enemy will move to the next zone. If the enemy clears all zones of our ground units, we lose.  

Troop pickup is available in the F10 'CTLD' menu.  You can pickup troops from the ground at Sharjah.  It is marked with blue smoke and the green area on the F10 map.   Anti-tank groups are effective against armor, but you will need to drop them near cover or else they risk being killed from afar in the open. Remember that the enemy cannot capture a zone if we still have troops or vehicles there.

Remember that carrying weapons and troops will add to your total weight, so manage accordingly!

Check your F10 map for zone locations.  The active zone will also be marked with smoke.

It takes a bit more than 2 hours for the enemy to defeat all friendly ground forces and win if you do not intervene.  You win if all enemy ground units that started in the staging area are destroyed.  In my single-player playthrough, I slotted into the huey, hind, and blackshark at different points.  I was able to win shortly after the enemy reached Charlie (the final zone).  

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