Mosquito FB Mk. VI, RAF No.23 Sqn, 1943

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DCS: World 2.7
Mosquito FB VI

Mosquito FB Mk. VI, RAF No.23 Sqn, 1943

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - MateusOV
Datum - 24.09.2021 05:09:30
All black RAF 23 Squadron liverie for the Mossie!     -     Currently version 2.0

v2.0 - Fixed the props reverting to default color when the engine's on
v1.3 - Fixed the incorrect dust-dirt-gunpowder in the diffuse map + some other tweaks idk
v1.2 - Changed the .dds textures compression (has much better quality / fixes weird pixelations)
v1.1 - Brand new liverie for the Mosquito with customized Fuel Tanks and Bomb Fairings
        - Added the choice between black (default) and red tip

I felt like the Mossie needed a liverie so I made my own ;) Since we don't yet have the template, I had to unga bunga my way into making things work. It doesn't look bad at all, but when you stop and stare at some details you'll see some slight issues.

Whenever we get the template from ED, I'll surely remake this in much better quality!


This liverie comes with two options for the engine texture, the standard black tipped, and one with red tip. to choose wich one you want, just open the description.lua and change "05_D" and "08_D" to "05_Dr" and "08_Dr" (DON'T change for the roughMet tho)

Unzip the zip into your "SavedGames\DCS\Liveries\"
or unzip it on "DCS World\CoreMods\WWII Units\MosquitoFBMkVI\Liveries\"
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