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A-4E Operation Blue Bat

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A simple ground attack mission for the Community A-4E Skyhawk using the Supercarrier module and the Syria map.  

US President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized Operation Blue Bat on July 15, 1958.  The goal of the operation is to bolster the pro-Western Lebanese government from internal opposition and threats from Syria and Egypt.  U.S. Army and USMC personnel secure Beirut International Airport, a few miles south of the city, and perform limited security operations in the surrounding countryside.

The USS Saratoga is providing support from off shore along with the USS Essex and USS Wasp further out to sea.  Their mission is to provide air cover for ground forces as needed.  Rebels fighting the government do not have any aircraft or sophisticated air defenses so the threat is low.  Syria maintains a capable air force, and supports the rebels, but so far has not intervened directly in the fighting.


A USMC convoy has come under fire approximately ten miles east of the airport.  The enemy force is more organized and better equipped than the rag-tag rebels we've seen so far.  Headquarters suspects possible Syrian interference.

CHEVY flight will launch immediately to destroy the enemy ground forces engaging the USMC convoy.  The convoy commander is DAGGER 6.

Enemy activity is higher in the Bekaa Valley so avoid straying too far east.  Although an air-to-air threat is unlikely, we are equipping your flight with the new AAM-N-7 SIdewinder missile just in case.

The target area is pre-programmed in your navigation computer as Destination 1.  The carrier is set as Destination 2.

Get in the air and give 'em hell.  Good luck.


Just looking to create some content for the A-4E using the Syria map.  Of course you'll have to imagine the Supercarrier is the Saratoga and that the F-86s on the deck are FJ-3 Furys.

Remember your new AAM-N-7 missiles are not all-aspect.  That hasn't been invented yet.

This is designed to be fun and not-too-hard.  Enjoy!
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