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Radio KAOS for DCS

Typ - Tool
Autor - ShaunX
Datum - 12.08.2021 15:32:06
Radio KAOS for DCS is a utility which makes it possible to generate and listen to your own audio playlists, in mission, without breaking immersion, by using the aircraft cockpit radios. It’s intended as an occasional “add-on” to any DCS mission.

It achieves this by leveraging the DCS feature which allows a mission to contain a radio transmitter which can be triggered to broadcast an audio file on a chosen frequency.

•    Create DCS compatible “Radio Playlist” audio files (.ogg format) from selections of your digital audio tracks.
•    Your tracks can be spliced sequentially or randomly into a single radio playlist audio file.
•    Playlist files can have different types of tuning/static or themed clips inserted between tracks for added immersion (If you’re a Huey driver, try the “Radio Nam”clips)
•    Create  “_KAOS” mission copies of any existing DCS missions which will each contain:
     o    Your selected radio playlist
     o    A powerful 10 kW Radio Transmitter set to broadcast your radio playlist at a selected frequency
     o    Two Comms Menu F10 commands to allow your coalition to start and stop the broadcast in mission
•    Once created, launch the “_KAOS” mission in DCS, tune your cockpit radio, and use the provided comms menu F10 commands to start and stop the broadcast
•    Quickly update any _KAOS mission with a new playlist with a click so it can be different for each flight
•    Update _KAOS missions transmission options (band/frequency/looping/coalition F10 control) with a click.

NOTE that Radio KAOS will NOT change your original DCS mission file.
It will create a copy named <mission name>_KAOS , placed in the same folder as the original.

Please read the User Guide included in the download before installing for installation instructions and detailed usage.

Please post any feedback or report bugs to the main thread in DCS Forums | Mods and Apps
Here :

Version 1.0 Initial Release

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