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DCS: World 2.7
Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst

WWII Pacific

Typ - Kampagne
Autor - baco30
Datum - 04.08.2021 20:58:44
This is a "trilogy" of mini campaigns for DCS's P51, SpitMkIX and Bf109 set in the Pacific War.
Each campaign is made of 3 similar missions made for a fictionary USN embarked P51, RAAF Spitfire and IJN Bf109 (in the fictionary role of the Ki-61 "Tony").
Many mods have been used, please follow readme.txt instructions.
Tested on OB

Required DCS Modules:
P51D and/or Bf109K4 and/or SpitMkIX - WWII Assets Pack - Marianas Map

1st of all: Many Thanks to DOL, Hawkeye60, Markindel for the mods!

required community modules:
by DOL (https://forums.eagle.ru/profile/45607-dol/)
-    Japanese CV Zuikaku v 1.1 : http://virtualcockpits.web.fc2.com/mod/dcsw_zuikaku/dcsw_zuikaku.html
-    RAIDEN21 v1.6 http://virtualcockpits.web.fc2.com/mod/dcsw_raiden21/dcsw_raiden21.html
-     A6M5 REISEN52 v1.3.1 (v2.0 does not work) http://virtualcockpits.web.fc2.com/mod/dcsw_reisen52/dcsw_reisen52.html
-    B-29 v1.5 http://virtualcockpits.web.fc2.com/mod/dcsw_b-29/dcsw_b-29.html

by Hawkeye60 and Markindel:
    - Japanese BB Yamato  v2.5.6
    - WWII DKM German Naval Squadron  :
    - CV13 Franklin :
        - USS Iowa Class 3 Battleships V 2.5.6
       + USS Fletcher Class Mariana Islands V 1.0:

For the above units I had to slightly modify the .lua files to make them playble in these missions.
Where I put a modification I wrote a note.

Liveries used
included in zip file:
    - Japanese Ki-61 Hien "Tony" Fighter (Bf-109K-4) v1.1 by  Cypher1o1
    - 61st Sqdn P-47D 'Corsaint' by Sprool
    - Photo Recon P51D by Tintin.Fr (I just stuck the USN rosettes over the RAF ones)

not included in zip file:
    RAAF 457 Squadron Pack Part 1 & 2 by BrassEm

many thanks to the authors

AFTER you have installed the above modules, extract the zip file in the main /Saved Games/ directory, something like:
C:\Users\[your name]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\
As I said above some .lua files of the mods are modified and need to be overwritten. You can make a backup copy if you like.

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